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Dont allow climbing plants or bushy gardens to grow against the structure - Climbing plants growing against the face of the structure of your property provide termites with entry undetected. The origins of some plants can also penetrate the foundations of your house allowing termites access that's very difficult to locate.

DO NOT plant trees which are notorious for sending follicles under slabs near the home. .

Eliminate dead trees or stumps - Dead trees and stumps are ideal sites for termites to nest in. Remove these or have them treated to reduce the risk to your house.



The Ultimate Guide To Termite Control Powder

Roofs: Broken tiles create moisture which brings termites, and can offer a gateway inside. Prevent termites by making sure the roof is dry insidecracks and breaks are repaired.

Air conditioner unit:  Termites prefer moist environments, and that's exactly what air conditioning units create. Ensure the moisture discharge of air conditioning units are from your foundations of your house and get rid of any puddles, condensation and other moisture build-ups.



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Wooden beams: Check regularly for termite damage by pressing thumb against the timber to assess whether it feels spongy.



Fascination About Termite Control PlansThings about Termite Control Plans
Boxes: Termites devour cellulose and that means cardboard, therefore a lot of it can lead to a termite infestation. Use plastic boxes to store things in the attic and be sure cardboard is eliminated unless you are using a cardboard trap to eliminate termites in the attic.



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Wooden flooring: Being close to the ground wooden floors can function as a stepping stone for subterranean termites to the rest of your home. Carry out routine inspections for termite activity. When building a new home lay down a termite barrier.

Wooden furnitureKeep furniture away from walls. Opt for things made of other materials such as metal. Place wooden furniture outside in the sun if you find signs of termites.

Cupboards: Regularly inspect your cabinets for termite activity. If you are concerned, call professional pest experts!



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Orange oil is not new. It's been around for nearly 20 decades, but has only recently been marketed as the'wonder drug' for termites. Western has orange oil as part of our arsenal of treatment plans, but we seldom recommend it since it is not the ideal solution in many situations.

Bottom line: when orange oil functioned as promoted by some companies, wouldn't every company in the termite industry be using orange oil for all their own drywood termite treatments

Termites are the most important wood-destroying structural bugs in the southern United States. According to some estimates, over other $2 billion are spent annually in the United States controlling or preventing termite infestations. In North Carolina, our main issue is with subterranean termites, i.e., termites which normally reside beneath ground and may move up into a structure where they cause damage.

They are wingless now but started out having wings and"swarming" from their original residence or nesting website where they're developed. The queen is able to place thousands of eggs every year. And continues to do so for about five decades. There are also soldier termites that have big heads equipped with large mandibles ("jaws").



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The bulk of the termite colony consists of thousands of whitish employees who serve various functions. Some workers maintain the nesting site and look after the queen and the newly hatching immatures (sometimes called"creatures"). Other workers head out and actively forage (hunt ) for meals. The foraging employees are the ones which we typically find infesting timber.

Depending on the species of termite, a mature colony can contain 200,000 to 2,000,000 workers, although many colonies contain as few as 50,000-60,000. Studies also have shown that termites from a single colony may float across an area of one-third acre and travel over 200 feet from their nest. One acre of land can support many termite colonies (although this doesn't mean that most of them are invading your home!) .

Since the foraging area expands the colony really splits to form several smaller"nesting sites" .



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Without a periodic inspection of your house, termite activity can remain undetected for years. Some signs of the action show up unexpectedly, while some are found by accident or during renovations. Here are some key signs of a termite infestation:

Swarming - A termite colony can mature in 3-5 years and begin to produce swarmers (winged try this site adults). In North Carolina, we have three or more native species of subterranean termites which begin swarming in late winter and continue into September or October. Swarming generally occurs during the day, particularly on warm days following rain.

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